FundMyGirl: A Virtual Girlfriend—For The Right Price

A site lets lonely men pay to flirt with girl-next-door types.


At first, Jenny (not her real name) was skeptical when she heard about FundMyGirl. The site told her that if she shared photos and flirted with male members via video chats—but nothing more—she would get a chunk of the site's profits.


“Why would guys want to spend money to get to know me, have fun and flirt with me?” Jenny wrote in an email. “But it only took a little while and I got addicted to it. I can tell you that has been a blessing to me.”


Jenny swears by the site—she says that since she joined a year ago, she has used the money she earned to attain both her Bachelor’s Degree and her Master’s Degree and not “get some part-time job Walmart that would have barely covered the expenses of studying away from home.”


The site, which started in 2018, promises a “virtual girlfriend” to men who are willing to sign up and pay. So what does a virtual paid girlfriend do, exactly? Well, for starters, she sends photos, has live one-on-one video chats, and sends personal messages.


Think of it this way: a man is feeling lonely or lacking a relationship, and so he turns to and meets a girl he can have conversations with. As’s director of business development, explains, conversations can be as simple as describing someone’s day. Fundmygirl,com is much closer to Facebook than a porn site.


But make no mistake about it: is not just in the business of making friends—although friends are nice to have, of course—it’s also in the adult entertainment industry. What type of interaction goes on is between the men and the women, of course, but there’s plenty of NSFW content.


There are only three rules to using the site: that trying to transfer any personal information—getting in contact, for example—off the site is prohibited; paying for the site is done through PayPal, not gift cards; and men can’t contact the women for advertising or anything else.


As for pay, women set their own prices—and they can negotiate with the men they are interacting with for how much the men want to pay. Men can join the site for free, but after that, they decide how much they will pay.


“A lot of girls are able to change their lives through,” “They learn about themselves and about business.”


Business is exactly what’s founders had in store when they started. Neither had a background in the adult entertainment industry; one came from the finance industry and the other from Internet security systems. Their goal was to create a site to monetize social networking. At first, they looked at creating a site for senior citizens, but instead zeroed in on adult entertainment. As indicated in their own Q&A, “free porn was propagating like crazy and interaction was one of the few things they were willing to pay for.”


One of’s key elements is its promise of interactions with a “girl next door”—in fact, according to a recent internal survey of 4,500 members, 70 percent of the men said they could see themselves marrying a woman. We call this a “new romantic paradigm that is emerging as our lives shift online.” We stress that so many of the relationships that develop online come from “relationships between equals.”


Does this mean this is the future of all online relationships will be to pay for friends? Well, it’s not just money that the women receive, of course. For many, it's a way to find their own online fling as well. “We get a lot of young women from some pretty good colleges back East and in California and they might have a Tumblr, and might share grown-up texting and grown-up photos, and then they hear about MyGirlFund, which will allow them to take that even further.”


And according to one of the site’s users who goes by Fembot, provides an outlet for her work. “I like to put together artistic and erotic videos and photos,” Fembot said via email. Through her interactions on, she receives feedback on her work that she calls “invaluable."


Fembot cites the people she meets on as one of the main reasons she keeps using it, and Jenny also says the community on the site is one of her key reasons for using it.


“What makes them come back for more is that they love to meet new people and are generally open-minded,” Jenny says. “We are all free to express ourselves and showcase our personality in the community. Girls get to collect funds for their everyday goals by offering time, content, and companionship, while the guys get to spend time with gorgeous ladies, get their fantasies fulfilled, be entertained, and make friends whom they get to help by contributing to their fund.”



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